Tequila Worms

All you need to know about tequila.





A fresh cocktail with lots of flavour.



2 ounces tequila (we used Tapatio Blanco)

4 ounces mango juice

1 ounce cointreau


Orange slice (if you like)



Shake the ice, tequila, mango juice and cointreau in a cocktail shaker.

Pour in to a glass.

Add an orange slice to the inside of the glass.


Serve and enjoy.



A great way to drink tequila is with a chaser drink called Sangrita (easily confused by name with sangria), there are many different recipes for Sangrita but the main ingredients are:

Tomato Juice, Orange juice, Lime juice and tabasco sauce.


Sangrita is sipped along with a good quality tequiĊ‚a, usually a blanco. Served in a shot glass it should have a spicy flavour but not too strong to ruin the pallet and spoil the taste of the tequila.



1 oz tomato juice

3-5 drops Tabasco sauce

Dash of Worcestershire sauce



Mix the in a cocktail shaker and chill before serving

Fill one shot glass with tequila

Fill a second shot glass with the sangrita

Sip the tequila and chase it with a sip of sangrita

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