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All you need to know about tequila.


Here's a selection of our top ten favourite tequilas which are available in the UK. These are a good place to start if you're looking to buy a bottle or simply looking to order a tequila in a bar but don't want the cheap and nasty stuff.


1) Don Julio - Añejo


2) Patron - Reposado


3) Tapatio - Blanco


4) Casamigos - Blanco


5) Maracame - Blanco


6) Partida - Añejo


7) Maestro Dobel


8) El Jimador - Reposado


9) Arette - Blanco


10) Herradura - Reposado


Rest assured they've all been tried and tested and come with the Tequila Worms stamp of approval!

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