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There are lots of cheap and nasty tequilas out there,  one of the most important factors when choosing a tequila it that it's made from 100% blue agave plant. This gives the tequila the true taste of the agave plant but doesn't  always necessarily mean a high quality product, but it's a good start. It should state "100% Agave" on the bottle.


Good tequilas should be compared to a good malt whiskey. Despite its reputation as a drink to slam, many tequilas deserve to be sipped and savoured.




Choose a tequila which suits your drinking method, don't buy a £300 bottle of Añejo to drink slammers all night and you probably wouldn't want to sip a £10 bottle of mixto from the supermarket.


Choose a blend:

The blends show the quality and age of the tequila. Each blend has a different taste so it's worth finding the one you prefer.


  • Gold  or Joven (mixto)
  • Silver or Blanco
  • Reposado
  • Tequila Añejo (extra aged)
  • Tequila Extra Añejo (ultra aged)



It's helpful to read the label before choosing your tequila  and understand just want your getting for your money.


If possible try tasting a few different types of tequila and you'll probably find your preferred brand and blend. It's handy to have a range tequilas for different purposes, a tequila gold or Reposado is nice with a squirt of bitter lemon or a good quality Añejo makes a nice sipping tequila.


Carrying on reading for more tips on reading the label.



Lots of people make the mistake of thinking tequila bottles should contain a worm but this is completely untrue!


If you're drinking from a bottle with a worm in the bottom then you're not drinking tequila. It will be a spirit known as Mezcal or Mescal which is made from the agave plant (not the blue agave as tequila is made from).  It has a much more smokey flavour and is usually drank straight. Not all bottles of mezcal contain a worm or more accurately a larva of a weevil which is actually a pest to the agave plant.



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